How stopping smoking for just 28 days can improve your health

Taking part in Stoptober this year? Congratulations! You have now made it to 28 days smokefree and are officially 5 times more likely to quit for good. 

When you stop smoking, good things start to happen – you will begin to see almost immediate improvements to your health, but have you ever wondered what really happens to your body when you stub out the cigarette habit?

After 20 minutes

Your pulse and blood pressure will start to reduce and return to a normal rate.

After 8 hours

Your oxygen levels start to recover, and the amount of harmful carbon monoxide in your blood will be reduced by half.

After 48 hours

Your lungs are starting to clear out mucus, improving your sense of taste and smell. How will you explore your newfound senses?

After 72 hours

Noticed that breathing feels easier? That’s because your bronchial tubes have started to relax, allowing for greater intake of air.

After 1 week

The carbon monoxide in your blood has now dropped to a normal level.

After 2 weeks

You may notice that you have much more energy, this is thanks to improved circulation.

Your lung function may also increase up to 10%, according to the American Lung Association.

After 28 days

Nearing the month smokefree mark means you have had made huge strides. Your lungs are stronger and clearer, blood flow has improved, and you may notice that your skin is looking a lot more brighter.

As well as saving on health costs, you will have also saved a nice sum of money. If you previously had a 10-a-day habit, then you’re on track to be saving around £300 monthly.

Remember, every breath you take without a cigarette brings you closer to a brighter, smoke-free future.  

Staying smokefree after Stoptober will mean your risk of some very serious health problems are massively reduced.

After 10 years of not smoking, your risk of lung cancer goes down to half that of a smoker. Your risk of getting other cancers, like mouth, throat, oesophageal, bladder and pancreatic cancer also all decrease. After 15 years smokefree, your risk of having a heart attack will be the same as somebody who never smoked.

Here at Fitter Futures, we provide you with FREE personalised support for 12 weeks and can offer Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). To go smokefree today, click here or call 0333 005 0092.

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Absolutely fabulous, brilliant delivery of all information interesting and enlightening. I have learnt so much about myself, my eating habits have completely changed. I feel better, I am able to walk for enjoyment and lifestyle. My skin is brighter and i don't feel sluggish anymore.
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