Stop Smoking Service

Quit for good Funded by warwickshire county council

Want to quit smoking? It doesn’t have to be a drag

No one needs telling that smoking’s bad for your health (not to mention bank balance), but giving up is another matter. If you’ve tried quitting or always thought it was too difficult then our Stop Smoking service is for you.  People who’ve used this service don’t just quit in the short term, studies have shown they are four times more likely to quit for good. That’s because you get support and encouragement from your own stop smoking advisor.

Why you should quit smoking

No matter how long you’ve been smoking, you’ll feel the benefits of giving up almost immediately. Your ability to taste and smell will improve in a matter of days, plus as your lungs clear, you’ll find you won’t get out of breath so quickly. If your loved ones are non-smokers, you’ll also improve their lives, no one will miss having to pop out in the cold or rain for a nicotine fix! And don’t forget the money you’ll be saving! The average smoker spends over £4k every year on cigarettes, that’s enough for a family holiday each year.

If you are an expectant mother, please visit Quit 4 Baby

Swap to Stop is in Warwickshire!

If you are a smoker, aged over 18 and registered with a Warwickshire GP, you are entitled to 12-weeks of free 1-1 support from our qualified Stop Smoking practitioners, backed by the new government national stop smoking campaign which includes your own ‘Vape Quit Kit’.

For help with swap to stop vapes call the customer service team on: 01254 632244

Free help to stop smoking

Smoking is the biggest preventable killer in the UK. Quit with us for free today.

What we offer

  • 12 weeks of one-to-one support
  • Help with managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • Free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products – Plus ‘Vape Quit Kits’ for over 18’s
  • Smoke Free App
  • Delivered by a specialist stop smoking practitioner
  • Delivered in your area – face to face or digital

Who we can help

  • People living in Warwickshire
  • Registered with a Warkwickshire GP
  • Aged 18+ for the Swap to Stop Scheme; or 12+ without the option of the swap to stop scheme

What do I do now?

  • Call 0333 005 0092
  • Or text QUIT to 60777
  • Or complete the self-referral form here
  • If you’re a health professional, please complete the form here

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