What’s in season this September

It’s almost time to wave goodbye to August and the (not so very) Great British Summertime.

But do not fear, September is here and it’s bringing us an array of great fresh produce – with some of our autumnal favourites starting to make an appearance (we’re looking at you, pumpkins).

Keep reading to find out the freshest ingredients to add to your cooking this month.


Summer is ok, but nothing beats tucking into a slice of homemade apple crumble curled up on the sofa on an Autumn’s eve. Build up your autumnal apple supply and start adding them to your cooking: they work in a whole host of dishes like salads (if you’re still clinging on to summer), pies and even your morning bowl of porridge – click here to see how you can create a bowl of spiced apple goodness to kickstart your day.


Great at soaking up flavours, this versatile vegetable can be added to your stews, salads and curries. The real question is – will you bake, grill or barbecue yours?


The most versatile vegetable on the market is back, and in perfect timing for roast season! Roasted, mashed, baked or boiled – how do you like your spuds? At just 70p per kg, make sure your cupboards are stocked up on this staple superfood. 


You just might be able to spot some pumpkins on your next trip to the shops. Not just for Halloween, pumpkins are for eating and are actually a delicious fruit (bet you didn’t know that!). We like adding this king of fruits to our curries and soups to warm us up on a chilly Autumn’s eve.


A vastly underrated vegetable! A vibrant colour and delicious flavour, especially when roasted. Add to salads, in your brownies (just trust us), or you can even juice it to get your nutrients in.

Savoy cabbage

Fill your plate high with this leafy veg – the perfect accompaniment to your Sunday roast. It’s sweet and earthy flavour also makes it great in hearty and warming soups.

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