Working to create an inclusive World Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021

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Everyone Health is today marking Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2021.

According to the World Health Organisation, (WHO) World Report on Disability, 15% of the global population, or more than 1 billion people, are living with a disability. Of this number, it’s estimated 450 million are living with a mental or neurological condition. It is therefore essential that we work to improve access, and in an ever-increasing digital world online access has never been more important.

As part of our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, Everyone Health use Recite Me software across our websites which provide accessibility and language support options including text to speech functionality, fully customisable styling features, reading aids, and a translation tool with over 100 languages, including 35 texts to speech voices and many other features. In addition to this we use imagery that is representative of our audience and provide materials in a range of formats, including Photosymbols for those with learning disabilities.

We work closely with the users of our services to continually improve and today our aim is to get everyone talking, thinking, and learning about access and inclusion.

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Absolutely fabulous, brilliant delivery of all information interesting and enlightening. I have learnt so much about myself, my eating habits have completely changed. I feel better, I am able to walk for enjoyment and lifestyle. My skin is brighter and i don't feel sluggish anymore.
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